Biggest Free Kitchen in Swindon

Swindon Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre has 4 arms – Charitable, Cultural, Religious, Social & Community, to deliver a vision that brings together various communities and has a positive long term impact & influence on the society and the region. As part of our several activities under the Charitable arm, we are delighted to launch Free Indian Kitchen, first of its kind in Swindon. #SwindonFreeKitchen

The first Free Kitchen was set up on Friday 23 Dec. in Swindon Town Centre at The Fountain, The Canal Walk, Swindon SN1 1LD. Free Indian Vegetarian food was served from 10:30am onwards throughout the day to approx 1,100 people. This was the biggest free kitchen event ever held in Swindon. This not only helped the homeless people who deserve a helping hand but also everyone busy with their last minute Christmas shopping.

Since it started its base at Cheney Manor Industrial Estate in Swindon on 21st May 2016, Swindon Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre has quickly established itself as the biggest community based charity in the region. The charity has also previously undertaken several charitable initiatives including the biggest funds raised (£5,000) for Nepal Earthquake Relief in 2015 by any organisation in South West England. 


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