The Big, Bold & Beautiful Diwali Celebrations in Swindon

On Sunday 30th Oct, as Swindon Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre marked its first celebrations of the Festival of Lights – Diwali in a grand way, it turned out to be the brightest, biggest, loudest and best Diwali Swindon has even see with some spectacular Fireworks lighting up the skyline, in the backdrop of dazzling LED lights display, and Tea & Pakoras, Laddoos, Jalebis & Gathiya served to hundreds of people throughout the day who were left mesmerized by the Diwali Lights Turn On, as the building lit in bright, multi-coloured, ultra-modern, highly energy efficient array of over 300m of LED lights, over 1000m of multi-core wires, dozens of RGB Amplifiers & RF Controllers and infinite spirit and sheer dedication of the community volunteers. “How could there be any question, Only God can reach that high” – well said Elvis Presley.. #SwindonHinduTemple


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